Organic figs sun dried

Fig tree cultivation in taxiarchis region in north evia came with greeks from asia minor 100 years ago.
It is the “smyrna” fig tree variety which found here ideal edafological and climate conditions and produces a high Quality product.
The fig tree is a tree whose cultivation requires a lot of experience and knowledge of all stages of production.  Due to its quirky needs for soil,climate,caprification ,fruit sensitivity in temprature and humidity and finally very careful harvesting and sorting out of the final product.
In our fig orchards we apply traditional cultivating methods ( plowing)  and fertilize with certified by the e.U legislation organic fertlizers.
Harvesting of the figs is done every day by hand after the mature figs have fallen on nets that are placed at a height of 1 metre above the ground.
Right after the harvesting of the figs there is a following stage of drying them under the sun in specific drying places.  In which they stay for approximately 8-10 days depending on the weather conditions so as to gain the recommended lavel of humidity.
Next there is a following sorting out where only sizable Figs (45-55 pcs/kgr) of ‘a’ grade  are chosen to be packed.